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2010 - Come Away

  1. Come Away
  2. Rooftops
  3. You Are My Passion
  4. I Want To Know You
  5. My Soul Longs
  6. Freedom Reigns
  7. Let It Rain
  8. Mighty Breath of God
  9. Show Me Your Glory
  10. One Thing Remains


2012 - Emerging Voices

  1. Here We Are
  2. I Belong to You
  3. Mighty Fortress
  4. Let It Go
  5. Be My Love
  6. We Just Love You (Be My Love Reprise)
  7. Who Can Compare?
  8. You Are My God
  9. Where You Are
  10. Glory Come Down
  11. I Won't Settle


2012 (with Martin Smith) – Live From New York

  1. Alleluia (Live)
  2. Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble? (with Martin Smith) [Live]
  3. Fire Never Sleeps (with Martin Smith) [Live]
  4. Forevermore (Live)
  5. God Is Coming (with Martin Smith) [Live]
  6. Holy Spirit (Live)
  7. I Am In Love With You (Live)
  8. I Belong To You (Bonus Track) [feat. Derek Johnson] [Live]
  9. Oh How I Love You (Live)
  10. Our God Reigns (with Martin Smith) [Live]
  11. Pursuit (Live)
  12. Set a Fire (Live)
  13. Show Me Your Glory // Majesty (with Martin Smith) [Live]
  14. Song of Solomon (with Martin Smith) [Live]
  15. Waiting Here For You (with Martin Smith) [Live]
  16. Walk With Me (Live)


2014 - Unstoppable Love

  1. Sing Out
  2. We Will Run
  3. Light of the World
  4. Surrender All (Give You Everything)
  5. Unstoppable Love
  6. Your Name is Glorious
  7. No Other Like You (We Will Exalt You)
  8. You Made A Way
  9. We Stand
  10. Wide Open
  11. Born Of God
  12. In Awe Of You
  13. 10,000 Reasons


2016 - Let It Echo

  1. Never Gonna Stop Singing (Live)
  2. Fierce (Live)
  3. Alive In You (Live)
  4. In The River (Live)
  5. Let It Echo (Heaven Fall) (Live)
  6. God With Us (Live)
  7. Miracles (Live)
  8. Set Me Ablaze (Live)
  9. Everything And Nothing Less (Live)
  10. In Your Presence (Live)
  11. I Stand In Awe (Live)
  12. Power In The Cross (Live)


2017 - Love Has A Name (Deluxe Live)

  1. Halls Of Heaven (Live) (feat. Chris Quilala)
  2. Let Our Faith Become A Mountain (Live) (feat. Kim Walker-Smith)
  3. Weight Of Heaven (Live) (feat. Chris Quilala)
  4. Love Has A Name (Live) (feat. Kim Walker-Smith)
  5. Flood The Earth (Live) (feat. Katie Torwalt)
  6. Make Us One (Live) (feat. Chris Quilala)
  7. Sound Of Adoration (Live) (feat. Bryan Torwalt)
  8. Never Stop (Live) (feat. Kim Walker-Smith)
  9. Fresh Outpouring (Live) (feat. Kim Walker-Smith)
  10. Love Overcomes (Live) (feat. Derek Johnson)
  11. My One My All (Live) (feat. Chris McClarney)
  12. However You Want (Live) (feat. Chris Quilala)
  13. Infinite (Live) (feat. Kim Walker-Smith)
  14. Love That Saves (Live) (feat. Ruthie Ridley)
  15. Make A Way (Live) (feat. Jon Egan)
  16. Anything Can Happen (Live) (feat. Chris Quilala)


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